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The Benefits of Solar PV...

Provide Clean Green Energy

Solar electricity is a renewable source, meaning that by producing it you are helping to reduce global carbon emissions

Generate Real Energy Savings

Going green ensures that you protect yourself against energy price hikes, and any energy you don't use also gives you an income!

Get Started with Social Energy

Social Energy is all about trading your generated electricity that you are not using, maximising benefits to you and the environment

Industry Leading Warranty Protection

All installers that are registered with us are required to offer industry leading warranties, giving you peace of mind

Getting the most out of your solar PV system...

Provide Your Own Energy For Use in Your Home

The first way you can maximise your solar pv system, is to use as much energy as you can while it is generated. This could be using your washing machine on a timer to run during the day, or having a solar connector fitted to your immersion heater

Store Energy to Use Later When You Can

By utilising a battery system to store any excess energy that your system produces, you are making further savings on your energy bills, and as energy bills are only increasing, over time the more you save the more value you are getting

Trade Energy You Create Through Social Energy

With Social Energy you can sell electricity that you produce and store in your batteries back to the grid when demand is higher, for instance when everyone is using their kettles whilst the adverts are on in between Corrie or EastEnders

Why use Get Solar PV?

We are 100% Free

Get Solar PV is 100% free to the client, and there are absolutely zero hidden charges. We make a small charge to the installer that gets your business so that we are able to continue to offer customers value.

We are Trusted

It doesn't take long for word to get around, and with the industry experiencing a recent refreshment we know that there are lots of installers to choose from. Check out our customer reviews and testimonials.

We are Responsible

As a responsible agent, we ensure that all installers we have in partnership are currently, and remain, fully compliant with UK legislation and best practice industry procedures. We are also keen on the environment.

What our customers have to say...

Mr Simmons


We had been looking for solar for a very long time, and when we came across Get Solar PV we were amazed at how efficient the whole thing was.

Mr Davies


Having had solar pv installed on a previous property we knew what to expect with the process this time round. I can safely say that they did not disappoint.

Mrs Thornbury


Couldn't recommend this company enough. They helped us find the right installers for our unique circumstances and were there every step of the way.


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